How to Make the Customer Experience a Competitive Advantage

By 2020, the customer experience will be a more important brand differentiator than price or even the product itself, according to the Customers 2020 report. Savvy managers can gain durable competitive advantage by creating a customer journey that wins and retains new customers.

Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage

Improving the customer journey won’t happen overnight. But when you put in the time and effort to be customer-committed—and set up the tools and processes to match—you’ll see the benefits of happier customers, repeat business, and a more satisfied workforce.

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  • The Strategy Behind Customer Experience as a Competitive Advantage
    The four steps necessary to successfully launch a customer journey transformation
  • Questions to Prepare Yourself
    Practical questions to assess what you need to know at each step
  • How to Execute the Strategy
    What to do to get from one step to the next

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