Customers’ expectations are higher than ever, and that certainly goes for fast-growing sectors like education.

Today we are please to announce that Achieve3000, the leader in differentiated instruction that provides cloud-based literacy solutions to nearly three million students worldwide, has selected the Skedulo platform as its scheduling and mobile workforce management tool. Achieve3000 will use Skedulo to manage, schedule, and dispatch its Implementation Managers who provide in-person support and training to Achieve3000 users in schools across the U.S. and globally.

“Our business is growing, and we need to add efficiencies so we can continue to offer stellar service even as our customer base grows,” said Rivki Locker, Chief Operating Officer at Achieve3000. “As we grow, it is going to become increasingly more important to have Scheduling Coordinators in one system. Going into multiple systems to sync data, check reports and validate information before assigning IMs to appointments would be difficult to maintain in the rapid growth environment that we are experiencing. Skedulo will dramatically streamline our current process of working with different legacy systems.”

“Customers’ expectations are higher than ever, and poor or inefficient service can make or break a business,” said Matt Fairhurst, CEO of Skedulo. “Using Skedulo to automate processes for a growing mobile and complex workforce eliminates operational challenges, improves satisfaction for employees and customers, brings cost savings, increases revenues and helps to scale a business in a coordinated and well-supported manner. We’re excited to see what Achieve3000 can accomplish with Skedulo’s leading solution.”

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