Product overview

Intelligent mobile workforce management

One system to intelligently manage all the details about your mobile workforce, match workers to jobs, schedule, dispatch, route, and execute work in the field.
Employee Scheduling App Screenshot

Mobile work has changed. Old technology
can’t solve new challenges

Traditional solutions to schedule and manage work outside the office lack the power and flexibility to fit the new ways people and businesses operate. Skedulo is built for the future of work.
Manage mobile employees & contractors in one place
Schedule workers efficiently no matter your priorities
Support mobile workers while on the job
Centralize data & communication
Workforce management

Centrally manage your mobile workforce

Whether you depend on specialty workers with complex certifications or transactional contractors, you need a solution that reflects the way your business is staffed today and will grow in the future.

  • One platform for both employees and contractors
  • Maintain dynamic attributes and skills
  • Analyze demand and plan for the future
Scheduling & dispatch

Match workers to jobs and send them on their way

Forget moving from spreadsheets to email to calendars to maps. Skedulo’s powerful scheduling capability beautifully manages and displays all the information you need to make smart scheduling decisions that reflect your business priorities.

  • Simplify scheduling to find the right person efficiently
  • Automate and optimize against your KPIs
  • Dispatch and update via SMS or push notifications
Mobile work execution

Control what happens in front of your customers

Skedulo’s mobile app is a versatile tool that goes beyond routing optimization. Give mobile workers the guidance and capability they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience and easily send the right information back to HQ.

  • Optimize mobile workers travel time
  • Customized guidance for flawless customer service
  • Collect and sync critical customer data, even offline
  • Communicate in real time with everyone on a job
Skedulo MasterMind

Automate scheduling with
Skedulo MasterMind

Skedulo MasterMind uses a powerful rules engine to make scheduling smarter.

Optimize scheduling
Schedulers have an intelligent toolset to balance complex scheduling requirements based on the needs of customers, the business, and the deskless workforce.
Reduce travel time
Schedule smarter with recommendations to reduce travel time, cluster appointments by proximity, or speed up job completion.
Schedule jobs automatically
Jobs can be scheduled automatically, controlled by your constraints and business logic. Increase your scheduling team’s capacity and productivity with intelligent automation.

Integrate Skedulo with your enterprise tech stack

Create a seamless enterprise tech stack across your business with Skedulo as your system of record for mobile work. Optimize how your teams and customers spend their time with you to reduce costs, increase engagement and retention, and unlock growth with an integrated tech stack.

On average, our customers experience…

Reduction in time to schedule
Increase in deskless worker productivity
Increase in customer satisfaction (up to 68%)
Increase in billable appointments

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