SAN FRANCISCOAug. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Skedulo, the leader in mobile workforce scheduling and management, today announced the launch of a newly designed app with a faster, and more streamlined interface, providing users with an enhanced mobile experience. Now available for iOS and Android, Skedulo X allows workers to interact with dispatched job and appointment information regardless of whether they have an active cell phone connection. This provides customers with enhanced efficiencies, better time management and increased service excellence.

“In today’s mobile-first world, people use their phones for everything from turn-by-turn driving directions, researching a health condition, to ordering a coffee,” said Skedulo CEO and co-founder Matt Fairhurst. “Workers in the field who use their mobile devices all day deserve the same seamless user experience and ease of use in their work application that they have in their consumer applications. Skedulo X delivers on just that.”

As workers in the field are increasingly leveraging mobile devices for tasks that previously required time-intensive paperwork and phone calls, mobile technology is redefining the workday. With the launch of Skedulo X, the company takes enterprise mobility to the next level by combining dedicated offline job and appointment management, direct connectivity to enterprise platforms like, and a user experience that’s simple and straightforward to use.

The latest offering, built with the end user in mind, is stacked with new capabilities, including the following:

  • Offline support offered to the mobile worker is unlike any competitor on the market with a full-featured approach to working when the user doesn’t have cellular service. This is particularly unique when connected to online enterprise platforms like – but Skedulo has invested the last year ensuring that workers can update data, take photos, collect signatures and even fill out forms or customer-specific data whilst offline.
  • A consumer-like user interface that puts a focus on design and ease of use reinvigorates field workers’ enthusiasm for their job. Seamless user experiences across both Android and iOS, to welcoming, friendly messages that are contextual to the time of day, Skedulo X introduces a focus on beauty and usability that’s not typically found in enterprise applications.
  • Mapping & Location capabilities and user-friendly intuitive travel features allows users to effortlessly navigate their day from location to location with real-time, traffic-sensitive insights into expected trip duration on the road.
  • Interaction with other apps on the phone facilitates the real-time flow of essential information and the freedom of choice for the user. When the user starts to travel to an appointment, they can choose from navigation apps such as Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps, or even request an Uber or Lyft, right from the Skedulo workflow.

Skedulo helps hundreds of companies deliver remarkable customer service with advanced scheduling and an attractively designed mobile user interface. The streamlined service and enhanced integration provided by Skedulo X allows the company to continue on its trajectory as the leading-edge mobile workforce online scheduling solution provider by meeting evolving user needs. To learn more about Skedulo and Skedulo X, please visit

About Skedulo
Skedulo is the leading mobile workforce management application that captures real-time business insights to deliver advanced on-demand scheduling on a beautifully designed user interface. With intelligent resource mapping, complex scheduling automation, instantaneous service updates, geo-tracking, and native integration with, Skedulo empowers companies worldwide to transform the way they manage and deploy their mobile workforces. By eliminating logistical limitations, and providing unparalleled on-demand scheduling tools and transparency, Skedulo allows companies to deliver on the promise of a world-class client experience, from service request to completion.

Founded in 2013, and with offices in AustraliaNorth America and Asia, Skedulo has enabled companies to seamlessly schedule and service over 2.3 million appointments all around the globe. For more information, please visit