How Mobile Workforce Management Affects Mobile Workers

The percentage of workers who are mobile is growing fast, in industries ranging from home healthcare to agriculture to hospitality. They’re making deliveries, performing installations, maintaining products, and delivering service in customers’ homes, offices, and wherever else they might be.

As the number of deskless workers continues to climb, how to manage mobile workers and keep them satisfied becomes a key question for businesses to answer. Forward-thinking businesses are investing in mobile workforce management tools to improve the end-to-end process of managing who is working onsite with their customers, optimizing how these workers spend their time, streamlining communication, and connecting data back to the office.

But what effect do these tools have on workers themselves? Here are some ways that mobile workforce management directly benefits your mobile employees:

Improves Communication

With a mobile workforce management solution, mobile workers are always connected to the office and their fellow employees. At the press of a button, mobile employees can share a status update, let the next customer know they are running behind, or facilitate a last-minute change to the schedule.

With a tool that updates in real-time, deskless workers are never left in the dark about their next appointment. Plus, they can access customer histories before arrival so they are always prepared to deliver excellent service. Instead of trading emails and phone calls about who’s doing what and when, mobile workforce management simplifies and streamlines the process.

Further, a unified mobile workforce management solution helps workers feel more a part of the company. A survey of 1,100 remote workers found that they are more likely to feel excluded than in-office employees. Nurturing inclusion, with an easy way for coworkers to communicate, is vital to ensuring workers feel valued and want to stay with the organization.

Increases Productivity and Allows More Time With Customers

The manual, back-and-forth methods of the past can be frustrating and time-consuming for the modern workforce. A strong mobile workforce management platform automates routine tasks, such as scheduling, filling out timesheets, copying down job notes, collecting signatures, and gathering other field data from customers. This helps mobile workers complete their work faster and paperlessly—which in turn gives your workers more time to spend with customers.

Before implementing mobile workforce management, Easterseals Bay Area used a large and elaborate spreadsheet to track complex scheduling needs. Office workers and mobile employees were constantly playing phone tag to keep each other informed. But when the organization implemented a mobile workforce management solution, they were able to:

  • More easily match workers with the right skill set to the right customers
  • Alleviate frustrations related to chasing down information
  • Inject more predictability into the scheduling process
  • Retire many of the archaic, time-consuming spreadsheets
  • Provide significantly more real-time notification
  • Decrease time to appointment
  • Keep more scheduled appointments

The result? A tremendous reduction in stress for the scheduling team and more efficient mobile workers. The mobile workforce management system ultimately allowed workers to spend more time meaningfully interacting with customers.

Increases Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention

Your valued employees are your best assets, and replacing them is costly. This is why it’s important to give your mobile workers the tools they need to get the job done.

That’s where mobile workforce management steps in. A good MWM system helps increase job satisfaction by keeping histories updated with the latest information, including nuanced customer preferences that help staff respond in a customized way to customer needs. Feeling effective, connected, and supported helps give workers a sense of impact and engagement. In turn, this builds employee satisfaction and retention.

An engaged workforce brings many benefits, and the statistics speak to it:

  • Teams with high levels of engagement show 21% greater profitability.
  • When employees feel recognized, they’re 4.6 times more inclined to perform at their best.
  • 96% of workers believe organizations that show workers empathy advances employee retention.
  • Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion per year.

An excellent mobile workforce platform facilitates provides workers with the tools they need in one powerful, easy-to-use interface. When workers need forms, contracts, job details, schedules, and fast communication, it’s all at their fingertips. Thus, job satisfaction, employee engagement, and employee retention all soar.

Builds Brand Loyalty

In a highly competitive market, the organization that builds brand loyalty is the one that consistently supports staff in delivering value to their customers—value in the form of improved experience and superior outcomes. Mobile workers play a significant role in driving both, which drives a virtuous cycle.

This is why it pays to create a work environment that satisfies the needs of workers in the field. Satisfied employees who find their jobs rewarding are more likely to provide thoughtful, attentive customer service. When workers are empowered with the information, equipment, and systems required to better serve and satisfy customers, the company reaps the benefits of increased brand loyalty and improved business outcomes.

One company that successfully used mobile workforce management software to empower staff is Area Wide Protection (AWP). With over 5,000 employees, the commercial security company was struggling with a manual scheduling process that got in the way of their ability to provide consistently high-quality service. Implementing a mobile workforce management platform helped them increase scheduling and dispatching efficiency by over 86%.

Just as importantly, the MWM solution allowed mobile staff to:

  • Arrive fully prepared for the job ahead, with access to appointment details and customer histories— a confidence booster for all concerned
  • Quickly receive appointment confirmations and specific appointment times
  • Be more quickly and reliably matched to assignments requiring their combination of skills, certifications, and more. (This links to employee satisfaction.)
  • Quickly and efficiently produce accurate invoices for customers

Decreases Travel Time

Optimized travel routes help employees spend less time on the road. This prevents late arrivals, much less the need to reschedule, as well as customer inconvenience and frustration. Plus, workers aren’t rushed just trying to get each job done, which is often not well-received by the customer.

With a good mobile workforce management platform, your deskless workers spend less time traveling, which reduces stress, travel expenses, and downtime. This saved time means workers have more time to focus on quality customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Enhances Agility With Real-Time Schedule Updates

Because mobile workforce management schedules update in real-time, mobile workers are spared from showing up for last-minute cancellations. Furthermore, they can be alerted when a nearby coworker needs support, or when a job is running long and another worker needs to take over the next appointment. This can significantly enhance your ability to respond in an agile way to circumstances that shift continually, enhance operational efficiency, and help you maintain your competitive edge.

Mobile Workforce Management Improves Work Conditions and Business Outcomes

Today, there’s a growing awareness of the needs of deskless workers. Companies that care about their mobile employees, customer service, productivity, efficiency, and remaining competitive are turning to mobile workforce management for modern solutions.

With mobile workforce management, workers can communicate more easily, build brand loyalty and excellent customer service, increase productivity and efficiency, and nurture job satisfaction. This can have an extremely positive effect on employee well-being and your overall business outcomes.

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