Workforce management for teams on the move

See how Skedulo simplifies managing the dynamic availability, cost, skills, locations, and attributes of your mobile workforce.
Manage mobile workers’ availability & capacity
One system to make mobile workforce management simpler and more efficient
Measure the impact of worker utilization and cost
Make intelligent business decisions that maximize workforce efficiency
Manage the skills your business needs
Ensure you have the optimal set of skills and capabilities to complete work correctly
Maintain one system for all mobile workers
Manage all your workers—full-time, part-time, contract, or a mix—and their key data

Workforce management designed for mobile resources

Centrally manage all the key data you need about your mobile resources—including skills, certifications, costs, availability, locations, and preferences—in a single system for superior workforce management.
Everything in one place
See how operations are streamlined when everything you need to know—who, what, where, and when—are managed in one seamless system.
Visually manage your workforce
Skedulo’s clean and intuitive UI makes managing your workforce data—like certifications, locations, utilization, and work history—simpler than ever.
Connect to any system of record
With native solutions that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce and ServiceNow, plus Lens API to sync to any system you need, there is never a gap between your system of record and your workforce management.

Manage availability of employees and contractors

Quickly and easily see who is available and when—whether your resources are full-time, part-time, contractors or all of the above—to improve scheduling and workforce planning. Easily incorporate time off and other constraints so availability is always up to date.


Maintain skills, certifications, and resource attributes

Associate skills, certifications (including expiration dates), and other attributes to your resources, then easily narrow available individuals or teams through filters or automated logic to find the best qualified person to deliver work.

Locations & Travel

Accurate travel and location tracking

Powerful location tracking and mapping shows where jobs and workers are right now and the routes that will connect them. Map and visualize past, current, and future work locations and optimal routes. Create jobs and dispatch resources directly from the map.


Track, analyze, and plan to improve key service metrics

Analyze workforce capacity, utilization, distribution, travel, and more. Anticipate roadblocks or shortfalls in resource availability so appointments are never missed. Plan with greater confidence and accuracy thanks to clean and centralized data.

Scheduling Dashboard

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