Decreasing Your Home Health Workforce Turnover

The home healthcare industry is booming! An estimated 1.2 million new home health aides are expected to join the profession over the next decade in the U.S. alone. However, retaining talent is one of the critical challenges facing home healthcare providers today. According to a study by Home Care Pulse, the average attrition rate for a home healthcare agency is 66% per year. The need to continually replace a large percentage of your workforce is costly and burdensome to home healthcare organizations that often already operate on narrow margins.

For home healthcare organizations that are looking to remain competitive today and in the future, finding a solution that helps to retain your top talent should be a primary focus. To discover how home healthcare organizations are preparing for the future, read our latest ebook, “Decreasing Your Home Healthcare Workforce Turnover.” This ebook will explain how a Mobile Workforce Management solution can help you reduce costs, improve efficiencies, retain your top talent, all while serving more patients.


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