The Rise of Home Services In Every Industry

U.S. companies lose $75 billion annually due to poor customer service—up more than 20% and $13 billion since 2016. Customers’ expectations around in-home services are higher than ever, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

On-Demand Home Services Trends

With your competitors only a click away, how do you stand out in the marketplace and deliver a truly excellent experience?

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✓ Today’s Customer Expectations
Which  three key things consumers are looking for in “The Age of the Customer.”

✓ Industries That Will Be Most Impacted
Why in-home services are on the rise in several industries (and which ones are poised to make a splash).

✓ Ways to Increase Customer Service
How home services providers in every industry can step up their customer focus.

✓ Tips for Businesses
How new players in the home services space can empower their mobile workers.

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