Discover our New Mobile App: Skedulo Plus

Skedulo Connects: Product Insights

As the professional landscape shifts towards unprecedented mobility, the demand for adept tools is more crucial than ever. In our new Skedulo Connects product discovery series, James Huddleston sits down with Bart Banda, Director of Product Applications, to unravel the intricate elements of an app designed to revolutionize your scheduling experience. Join us on this journey of exploration as we delve into the core features that promise to enhance your work efficiency and effectiveness in the realm of remote collaboration.

"We built with a high level of flexibility and extensibility so that the app can be quickly tailored to meet each organisations unique workflow needs and challenges."
Bart Banda
DIrector of Product Applications

Skedulo is dedicated to empowering the mobile workforce. Our intuitively designed mobile app is geared towards boosting your team’s productivity and arming them to effectively tackle challenges. If you’re eager for a personalized demonstration of the app and keen to explore how Skedulo can empower your mobile teams in efficiently scheduling, managing, and completing tasks, contact us today.