How to Champion your Deskless Workforce with On‑Demand Pay



Life can be tough, even more so now, but we are all in this together and small acts of kindness and appreciation can make a world of difference. As an organization that employs frontline, deskless and hourly workers, you have the opportunity to be a champion of your workforce. Making some additions to your company culture and employee benefits program can help to attract, retain and empower your talent.

Join our on-demand fireside chat with Wendy Kinney (EVP, Global Sales & Solutions at Skedulo) and Jen Terrell (VP, Employer Partnerships at Rain) as they look at how additions to company benefits programs, like a pay on-demand option, can improve employee financial wellness—resulting in alleviated stress, confident employees and overall increased employee happiness.

This discussion will cover:

  • An overview of earned wage access
  • How you can help your workforce recognize the value of their work
  • Improving employee retention and happiness through financial wellness


Speakers & Moderator:

Wendy Kinney

EVP, Global Sales & Solutions at Skedulo


Jen Terrell

VP, Employer Partnerships at Rain


Chelsea Basilotta

Senior Manager, Partner Alliances at Skedulo


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