The Future of Field Service

Powering the next chapter of deskless work with a customer‑ and employee‑centric approach


Did you know deskless workers outnumber desk-based workers four-to-one? In fact, 62% of organizations anticipate growth in their deskless workforce over the next year, while only 4% expect that workforce to contract.

Over the past year, the world has depended on deskless workers more than ever. But what makes the difference between highly effective organizations with high service satisfaction and low attrition and struggling businesses?

In this session, Paul Ciappara, Director, Customer Insights & Product Strategy, and Michael Gleason, Director, Product Marketing, will share:

  1. Key insights from an ongoing research project surveying and interviewing hundreds of mobile workers across the globe
  2. The explanation as to why customer-centric and employee-centric strategies are not only mutually compatible but necessary for success
  3. A better understanding around how to empower deskless workers with autonomy through a system of complementary control

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