Scheduling & mobile work - seamlessly connected to Salesforce CRM

Drive productivity and extend your Salesforce processes to the field.

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Skedulo helps hundreds of businesses using Salesforce CRM extend service processes to the field. Our platform and mobile application integrates natively with your Salesforce customer data to provide the best possible customer service—from the first moment of service to job completion.

Seamless real-time integration

Combine field and Salesforce information to eliminate data silos and manual data entry.

Allocate resources based on matching needs

Use Skedulo and Salesforce information to make real-time decisions that impact your business.

Real insight into field operations & performance

Analyze team performance, daily scheduling implications, and reports from workers in the field. Use Skedulo and Salesforce dashboards to gain valuable insight to inform managerial & scheduling decisions.

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Accurate Data Devices

Eliminate paper and manual data entry

The Skedulo mobile app is a powerful data collection tool that automatically connects job data with your Salesforce system of record. Automatically capture paper surveys, customer satisfaction feedback, client signatures, and other onsite information directly into your Salesforce CRM.

Schedule directly from anywhere in Salesforce

Whether you’re initiating a scheduling request from a case, opportunity, work order or any other object in Salesforce, Skedulo seamlessly connects to any business process in your organization.

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Data security and HIPAA compliance

Your data — from schedules to customer information– is secure. We’ve partnered with trusted and secure platforms to deliver the level of data security and user authentication required to meet the evolving data compliance needs of industries ranging from healthcare to financial services, and more.

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