Scheduling & dispatch

Intelligent workforce scheduling software

Eliminate the pain of manual scheduling. Skedulo’s powerful scheduling software makes it easy to match available and qualified workers to customer requirements and expectations. Never miss a job, increase customer satisfaction, and make complex scheduling much simpler.
Easily match customer needs to available workers
Quickly and easily select the resource best suited to deliver what you customer needs
Simplify complex scheduling with clean visuals
Visualize workers, calendars, routes, and other key data to streamline your scheduling process
Streamline, automate, and optimize scheduling
Use intelligent scheduling as a tool to optimize your business operations
Manage the pipeline of work from request to delivery
Understand at a glance your pipeline of jobs pending, assigned, and dispatched

Eliminate manual scheduling inefficiencies and errors

When you schedule with spreadsheets, calendars, and emails, your organization suffers in efficiency and productivity. With all the information and functionality you need in one, simple mobile workforce management system, increase customer and worker satisfaction and boost your business.
Easily select the best resource
With worker and job details in one place, choosing the right worker for the job becomes much simpler. Reduce errors with drag-and-drop scheduling in clean visuals—like calendars, maps, swim lanes, and Gantt charts.
Never miss an appointment
With Skedulo, you can easily see your pipeline of jobs requested, scheduled, dispatched, and completed—plus all the relevant details attached to each job—so work is never missed.
Resolve problems in real-time
See the real-time locations and statuses of your workforce in a convenient map view. Identify potential roadblocks early and prevent missed or late appointments before they happen.

Schedule your team your way

Our scheduling software is powerful and flexible so your scheduling and dispatch operations are optimized for your business needs and priorities. Support your deskless workforce, boost efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and much more.

Optimize schedules for your priorities
Do you need to boost worker productivity, scheduling efficiency, or customer satisfaction? Is your goal to reduce costs, travel time, and resource turnover? No matter your priorities, Skedulo will help you meet your goals.
Simplify any scheduling scenario
Whether your use-case is transactional services, recurring work, or something far more complicated, Skedulo is powerful and flexible enough to handle it. Manage single jobs, shift work, or even irregular work patterns easily in a single system.
Configure to fit your team
Manage the dynamic schedules of single resources, regular teams or ad-hoc groups with ease. Group and manage schedules by worker, customer, or job type. However you need to schedule mobile work, Skedulo has the flexibility to handle it.

Dispatch & communicate instantly

Send schedules and job details instantly from the scheduling console to the hands of mobile workers via the Skedulo mobile app. Get job confirmation right away so you know if you need to assign a different resource.

SMS and push notifications
Dispatch workers and alert them instantly of real-time changes to work schedules. Push notifications and SMS alerts to your mobile resources puts information exactly where it needs to be—in the palm of their hands.
Offer jobs, get motivated workers
With “first come, first assigned” scheduling capability, you can immediately offer open jobs to multiple workers who are the right fit. Mobile workforce management has never been easier.
Communication attached to the job
With Skedulo, all the details about dispatch alerts and job acceptance is attached to the job record so you never have to go searching for lost emails to see what happened.
Skedulo MasterMind

Automate scheduling with
Skedulo MasterMind

Skedulo MasterMind uses a powerful rules engine to make scheduling smarter.

Optimize scheduling
Schedulers have an intelligent toolset to balance complex scheduling requirements based on the needs of customers, the business, and the deskless workforce.
Reduce travel time
Schedule smarter with recommendations to reduce travel time, cluster appointments by proximity, or speed up job completion.
Schedule jobs automatically
Jobs can be scheduled automatically, controlled by your constraints and business logic. Increase your scheduling team’s capacity and productivity with intelligent automation.

Integrate scheduling software with your enterprise tech stack

Create a seamless enterprise tech stack across your business with Skedulo as your system of record for mobile work. Optimize how your teams and customers spend their time with you to reduce costs, increase engagement and retention, and unlock growth with an integrated tech stack.

Ready to make your entire team more effective?