Easterseals Bay Area Improves Mobile Healthcare Scheduling with Skedulo

For individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, and other special needs, life can simply be more complicated. The spaces, organizations, and tools that many of us use daily were not designed with these individuals in mind. As our scientific and social understanding of these differences grows, so do the care options available to the individuals and families affected by autism and related conditions.

One not-for-profit organization in particular, Easterseals Bay Area, is at the forefront of care for people with autism and other developmental disabilities. For over 90 years, Easterseals Bay Area (ESBA) has provided services to people with disabilities and their families to help them live, learn, work and play to their full potential. Most recently, ESBA has set out to expand access and affordability of behavioral health services for people with autism and their families.

With Skedulo in place at Easterseals Bay Area’s 13 offices, the scheduling team has been able to retire its spreadsheets and respond with ease to the dynamic needs of the families they serve. Frequently, clients have multiple types of specialists who they work with, both in their homes and in other locations, and only part of the total healthcare services they receive are from Easterseals. As a result, consistency and predictability from providers are highly valued qualities.

Learn how Easterseals Bay Area upgraded its scheduling process to manage 6,000 appointments for mobile practitioners to meet the demand for behavioral health services in Northern California.

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