ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver Uses Skedulo’s Mobile Workforce Management Platform to Drive Growth


About ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver

For a service company, it’s important to keep great records of your customer data. From customer data to work delivered and beyond, knowing your customer helps to retain a consistent service experience. ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver, a provider of residential and strata cleaning in the Metro Vancouver region, actions customer and business data continually to enhance their service experience.

ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver has grown over the last twenty years from fewer than ten employees to more than eighty, supported by over twenty-five service vehicles.

During this growth, the company has leveraged its use of Skedulo’s Mobile Workforce Management platform and Salesforce to improve its field service operations.  They presently deliver over 1,000 field service appointments each month.

Replacing a Broken Field Service Management System

ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver needed a reliable system that would sync seamlessly with Salesforce and provide peace of mind to mobile employees and management alike that both the data going to and being collected from mobile devices was always trustworthy.

With Skedulo’s native solution to Salesforce CRM, ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver eliminated their data problem. With a seamless flow of data between the office and the field, they can confidently use that information to fine-tune customer communication and overall experience, giving them a clear advantage in the marketplace.

Learn how ServiceMaster Residential Vancouver leverages its use of Skedulo and Salesforce to improve its field service operations and deliver over 1,000 field service appointments each month.

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