How Skedulo is using an expanded partner ecosystem to help customers solve the challenges of the deskless workforce

What I love most about my job is hitting the road and listening to our customer stories. Over time, I’ve come to learn a lot about what our customers need to manage their field, mobile and deskless workers on the frontline. What constantly strikes me is how they apply Skedulo in so many different ways to service their end customers, and how important it is to have a solution that addresses the unique challenges they face. Even in the same use case, similar customers can use different approaches to their business process to gain competitive advantages.

That’s why I’m so excited about the recent launch of our partnership ecosystem and expanded solution capabilities. This launch will enhance our customer’s experience giving them access to system integration partners and integrations with more 3rd party Apps, all on top of our very own Skedulo Pulse Platform designed for deskless productivity.

At Skedulo that’s our mission: to be the champions of the deskless workforce. We are developing technology that solves the complex problem of enabling and managing a deskless workforce—purpose-built to better support the over 2.7 billion deskless workers in the world. To that end, we’ve launched the Skedulo Pulse Platform™. The platform allows customers to address complex and varied requirements, is easy to maintain, and provides greater flexibility.

With all the customers we’ve spoken to it’s clear to us that the needs of the deskless, mobile workforce is underserved. No one else is attempting to solve these unique operational challenges and, until now, there hasn’t been a true Platform designed as a system of record for deskless workers. This is the purpose of the Pulse Platform and new partner ecosystem. With the investments we’ve made in our scalable infrastructure, we believe we are best suited to help our customers meet these challenges head on and scale with them as they grow. 

The feedback I get from customers about the value of our core offering is highly positive, and I’m often asked about how we can help with other critical parts of their business operations. Customers are craving integrated solutions with the ability to configure Skedulo specifically around their business processes. With our investment in a platform approach, our customers will be able to tap into more innovative products and solutions that provide additional value and solve very specific challenges.

One of the most exciting aspects of today’s announcement is the introduction of the Skedulo Marketplace.

This is a destination where Skedulo customers can browse tailored industry applications and extensions made available by Skedulo as well as third parties such as AskNicely, eduMe, and VoiceBrain. Developing this marketplace is a logical and exciting next step of our Skedulo Pulse Platform journey. Customers will be able to access an ecosystem of software products and industry solutions designed solely to support their deskless workforce. With our platform and partners, they’ll be able to pick and choose the capabilities they need to meet the unique requirements of their business, all seamlessly accessible through Skedulo. 

For example, using Skedulo with innovative ecosystem partners like VoiceBrain means our customers will be alerted to mission-critical events in the field. VoiceBrain’s analysis of voice data can trigger alerts in Skedulo that allow organisations to respond in seconds and dispatch workers to do things like respond to life-threatening events. Let’s say your workers are responding to a site where there’s a dangerous chemical spill. Your worker in the field can simply speak specific phrases or keywords into their push-to-talk device and VoiceBrain will create an alert in Skedulo so you can dispatch the right workers equipped with the right tools to resolve the situation immediately. Because Skedulo operates in real-time, you’re able to quickly resolve critical issues and ensure the safety of your workers. 

Imagine being able to use Skedulo to get instant insights into how effective your frontline workers are in the field. With our partner AskNicely, organisations can provide in-the-field coaching to their workers based on feedback received from customers. At a glance on their phone, workers can view a customer experience score, recognition received, and areas to improve. These insights empower and inspire organisations and their teams to deliver a better customer experience.

Excitingly, this is just the beginning of the journey as we grow an ecosystem of innovative partners who can deliver capabilities on our desktop productivity platform. Our vision is to allow our customers greater access to even more cutting-edge solutions, seamlessly integrated with Skedulo, and to expand our implementation network through the use of trained System Integration (Implementation) partners. 

Skedulo will champion and empower your workers and the net result means more business value for our customers as they service their end customers.