Get to know Skedulo – Sam Wilkinson, Account Executive


I’ve always been a competitive person. I like to compete against my peers, and am continually setting new benchmarks for myself. So when the opportunity came up for a promotion within Skedulo after having only worked for the company for a year and a half, I grabbed it with both hands. 

I’m feeling very challenged in my new role as an Account Executive based in Sydney, and it’s allowing me to develop as a professional which I think is really important. I’ve got no choice but to learn how to better myself in order to deliver and help the company move forward. 

Initially, I remember wanting to work for Skedulo because I’d heard great things about the culture and was excited by the product – and both reasons certainly still stand true. 

Working here, I’ve got a product I’m very passionate about and believe in. Being in sales and genuinely believing in the product and how it improves the lives of customers, and the performance of their business, is fundamental to success. 

I’ve been in organisations previously where I had some reservations around the product, and that doesn’t happen here. 

On the culture front, I think the scene was set early on when I met our CEO Matt Fairhust for the first time after a few too many beers on Melbourne Cup day! He is as down to earth today as he was that day, and his passion for serving the deskless workforce is contagious across the whole organisation.

We’re all given the opportunity to be ourselves, and to grow while being rewarded for our efforts.

Big surprises in the wake of COVID

I must admit, when COVID hit I was a bit concerned. I was relatively new at the time, and when we went into lockdown I saw many tech companies struggling and there were a lot of redundancies in Sydney. 

It was a huge surprise how quickly Skedulo was able to respond to the situation…and in such a positive way. To date, we’ve been able to help millions of people by delivering a vaccination scheduling solution which in turn has allowed the business to grow at a rapid pace.

Our work within the vaccination space certainly proves that, from a sales perspective, we have a product that competes with the biggest tech players in the world. It doesn’t matter how small we are, because we have a great team behind us who are always ready to step up.

This mindset is embedded in Skedulo’s values too, such as No shenanigans and the one I resonate with most: Caring for one another. I love working with everybody here and genuinely care how the business performs. I also really enjoy working closely with all the different teams across Skedulo, because there are so many awesome people who bring their unique ideas and experience to the company. 

We’re all given the opportunity to be ourselves, and to grow while being rewarded for our efforts. 

For example, last year I was invited to be in the President’s Club (the ultimate recognition for high performing sales team memebers at Skedulo) in recognition for the hard work that I had put in. Now receiving a promotion into this new role proves that the company backs me and is invested in my future.  

As we move into the second half of 2021, I’m extremely excited about being able to contribute to the company’s revenue in the capacity of an Account Executive, as we continue our growth post our Series C funding

I’m sure we’re also going to have many more new faces around that we need to welcome, and I can’t wait to meet them!

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