How Mobile Workforce Management Affects IT

More than 2.7 billion people worldwide are deskless workers, comprising 80 percent of the total global workforce. They are not anchored to a desk: not at a traditional office, remote office, or co-working environment. Companies that serve customers on site in homes, offices, and other locations rely on their mobile workers to be the face of their business and to deliver an experience that keeps customers coming back.

This presents a serious challenge to IT teams whose tools and systems are almost entirely designed to serve desked employees.

To address the common operational, scheduling, and mobility challenges of onsite service, smart companies are turning to a mobile workforce management (MWM) solution as part of their digital transformation.

But what does this mean for IT teams? Here’s a look at how an MWM solution makes life easier for IT departments.

Challenges Your IT Team Faces

Consider the moving parts an IT team must manage: hardware, software, databases, network structure, and security. Within and across these parts is the question of where data is collected, stored, delivered, and managed. With data in so many places, IT teams often face challenges with:

  • Obtaining sufficient, reliable, and reproducible data to drive decision-making
  • Creating unified processes and platforms that increase efficiency
  • Growing and scaling with the business when incumbent technologies lack flexibility

To overcome these obstacles, IT must turn to new solutions for streamlined, improved processes. But how do you empower your IT team to meet this challenge? We’re glad you asked.

How Mobile Workforce Management Empowers Your IT Team

Mobile workforce management is a solution to help connect all the data and people who are touched by mobile work including operations teams, mobile employees, back office teams, and even end-customers. Connecting the right people and data gives organizations with mobile teams what they need to create better business outcomes, including operational efficiency, happy customers, and engaged employees.

A mobile workforce management system offers powerful benefits for your IT teams. Let’s explore how.

A Single Source of Truth for Data from Mobile Work

A mobile workforce management solution offers one place to house all data about services delivered onsite with customers. It eliminates the need to reconcile data from various platforms and one-off records like spreadsheets, email, and phone calls. This makes it easier to maintain data integrity and gives leadership the reliable and reproducible data they need to drive decision-making.

Support and Compliance

Whether your company has a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy or provides mobile hardware to your employees, it is difficult to support all the devices and software used by your business. With a mobile workforce management system that is truly mobile-first and supports both iOS and Android devices, IT teams can offload the headache of managing for all those variables.

Furthermore, mobile workforce management systems make it easier to implement regulatory or compliance updates. Instead of updating information across multiple platforms, IT teams can make large-scale updates within the same system to comply with new requirements.

Improved Data Security

Disconnected, hard-to-use systems create an incentive for employees to use unsanctioned workarounds. They may try to work around company-regulated IT processes, log onto work systems from unauthorized devices, or use other “shadow IT” practices to get around cumbersome IT requirements. With a user-friendly mobile workforce management platform that makes work easier, not harder, employees are less likely to look for loopholes and security gaps.

A Mobile Workforce Management Success Story

With more than 15,000 customers depending on them for support and end-to-end management of their IT infrastructure, CSG had complex IT challenges. The company needed to find greater efficiencies, manage costs, and streamline their processes to ensure high-quality customer service. In addition, they needed to improve the utilization and performance of their service technicians.

But CSG’s manual process, which included back-end work to manage the data, was very time consuming and did not collect the data the business needed to improve its operations. To remedy this, CSG added Skedulo capabilities to a complex Salesforce instance.

After implementing Skedulo’s mobile workforce management platform, which seamlessly integrated with CSG’s existing software, CSG more efficiently met their business objectives and benefited from having all data in one secure platform.

IT Teams Can Thrive With MWM

If your IT team is frustrated by attempts to improve efficiencies, provide better services, and enhance customer support, a MWM solution can help significantly.

Skedulo has empowered over 50,000 deskless workers (and the IT teams that back them) to perform at their best. Book a Skedulo demo today and discover the benefits your IT team will love.