How Home Healthcare Companies Can Serve More Patients Without Creating Scheduling Pain

Skedulo CEO Matt Fairhurst was recently featured on a Salesforce partner site discussing how home healthcare providers can improve efficiency without sacrificing quality of care.

In the article, Fairhurst discusses three key market trends —increasing demand for home healthcare, a large population of aging Baby Boomers, and the near-universal adoption of smartphones—and the challenges they present for home healthcare organizations.

But despite the challenges of the industry, Fairhurst sees a powerful opportunity for home health providers who put the patient experience above all else.

“Excellence in patient experience has to be the No. 1 priority, especially for practitioners who come into the patient’s home environment,” Fairhurst says in the article. “The businesses that are best equipped to facilitate a more efficient, effective and reliable relationship between patients and practitioners will be on track to take leadership positions in this expanding field.

Read the full article to learn five key success factors every home healthcare organization should know to succeed in today’s market. (And for more tips on improving the patient experience for in-home healthcare, download our free ebook, 5 Secrets to Better Scheduling for In-Home Healthcare.)