Introducing Dynamic Messaging: Instant Communication for Your Deskless Workforce

2020 has definitely shown how vital communication is to any organization. For those workers who operate either wholly or partially remotely, communication is absolutely crucial to stay connected to their team. 

This is why we have introduced Dynamic Messaging as an add on to our Skedulo platform. 

When added to our web and mobile app, Dynamic Messaging allows your mobile workers to receive time-sensitive information quickly, such as important updates from HQ. It also engages mobile workers who can quickly request additional information from team mates, team leaders, or schedulers when they are stuck.

The addition of Dynamic Messaging is the result of years of working closely with our valued users, who have shared the challenges that frustrate them the most. 

Among these challenges is keeping their remote workforce connected and engaged, which can be near impossible to achieve when workers don’t have all the information they need to provide a high level of service. . 

Centralizing Communications to Empower Mobile Workers

Our Dynamic Messaging is as intuitive as your users would expect to see from any communications app. 

However, by keeping communications within Skedulo and not in various external tools such as email or messaging via another app, our users can centralize all employee communications about their work in the one place. 

This not only saves time, but eliminates key issues that many mobile employees face and enables them to:

  1. Reach out to others when they need more support from their team 
  2. Connect with their team as though they are co-located in the office 
  3. Quickly find all the information they need to complete their work 

Using Dynamic Messaging, workers can communicate in the same place as their worknotes and scheduling details. This keeps information unified and prevents siloed disparate communications which often result in mixed messages and loss of valuable data.

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Placing the Power to Connect in People’s Hands

When employees don’t have all of the information they need on site, it can be frustrating for them and dangerous for the company’s reputation. 

Dynamic Messaging makes it easy for mobile workers to get instant feedback if any issues or questions arise; potentially before the customer even realizes it.

Instant communication can also help to avert serious potential risks. For example, let’s say a healthcare worker visits an elderly resident in their home. When they arrive, the resident says they have only just seen someone from the company in the past couple of hours. 

With notes to the contrary, but not wanting to inconvenience the resident or provide a double dose of medication, the worker can instantly check with the scheduler to confirm if the resident is correct or confused. 

The same applies in situations where multiple mobile workers deliver services to the same client. For example, a printer company that provides on site technical support and utilizes general technicians as well as technical specialists for more severe issues. 

Where a general technician is unable to fix a problem, they can quickly communicate the requirements of the job to the technical specialist while they are in front of the equipment. This not only saves everyone time, but adds a new level of efficiency to service delivery. 

In addition to worker-to-worker communications, Dynamic Messaging also enables instant alerts to individuals, groups or the entire organization from head office. In times of crisis or change, this keeps everyone updated and in-tune with what’s happening at the heart of the business. 

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