Introducing Shifts and Rostering: The Easiest Way to Manage Your Blended Workforce

Imagine having a complete bird’s eye view of your deskless workforce—from full time staff to contractors, and everyone in between.

Imagine how easy it would be to construct and manage your schedules/rosters via a single robust system that consolidates your mobile and location-based work, and allows you to leverage a single holistic view to marry customer demand with your deskless workforce.

These are just some of the features we have made available through Skedulo’s Shifts and Rostering

Designed and built from the ground up for organizations that face the unique challenges associated with managing a large blended workforce, Shifts and Rostering is our answer to years of working closely with customers who have shared their greatest challenges with us.  

From sales teams to technical teams, medical teams and more, Shifts and Rostering is a fast and easy way to manage and govern your growing cohort of deskless workers. 

Why We Introduced Shifts and Rostering

Over the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of our customers’ needs across various industries. And when it comes to shifts and rostering, certain pain points proved to be consistent:

  1. Fragmented management of mobile appointment work and traditional shifts and rosters
  2. Aligning customer demand with resource availability
  3. Scheduling across disparate regions
  4. Identifying exceptions
  5. Demand modeling
  6. Anchoring work around elements crucial to business processes (i.e. locations, accounts, type of service)

Most importantly, a lack of complete visibility of all resources—staff, contractors, and so on—made it exceedingly difficult to forecast future requirements.

When it comes to the fluidity and dynamic nature of both mobile appointment work and fixed location work, traditional systems have solved either one or the other. Very few successfully and effectively marry these two types of work to provide the richness and complexity required for field work, while elegantly enabling the relative simplicity of fixed location, time and attendance work.

Shifts and Rostering intends to eliminate all of these pain points and closes the gap between Skedulo’s original capability and what our clients have told us they need. This includes a single view of all your resources in one place, with the ability to construct and shape the perfect roster and copy it into future time periods. 

Exceptions Management Has Never Been Faster

Double booking, over-booking, under-booking, and emergency booking can be a nightmare with legacy scheduling tools such as whiteboards, excel spreadsheets, and emails.  

One industry that finds this particularly difficult is healthcare. If an aged care provider is managing a large resource pool across multiple fixed locations and also offers at-home allied health services, scheduling can quickly get very complex and time-consuming. 

Identifying and managing exceptions—such as when a contractor is double booked or a staff member calls in sick—can also be very challenging. And in times like we’ve experienced recently where healthcare providers are offering additional and amended services (such as mental health and telehealth) to further assist people in their community, the ability to quickly adapt to meet these demands is crucial. 

Shifts and Rosters addresses all of these issues with ease, including:

  • increased visibility of all resources, their skills and availability
  • instant identification of exceptions
  • streamlined operations for schedulers which can have a significant impact on deskless workforce productivity

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Save Time (and Money) on Building and Scheduling any Staff Roster

Building and scheduling a valid staff roster can take countless hours. 

Incorporating clever automation and an intuitive user interface, Shifts and Rostering allows scheduling staff to complete routine tasks rapidly. This frees them up to focus on higher level tasks that have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and the company’s bottom line. 

Leadership also gains complete transparency of resources, which makes it easy to:

  • proactively manage resources to meet customer demand
  • identify gaps in service delivery
  • spot opportunities for improvement
  • reduce wastage and save money
  • track the performance of teams across multiple locations

For example, a security company with a blended workforce may need to deliver resources across many locations. And they may be permanently stationed at a particular site for weeks, or be required to provide mobile patrol services across multiple locations within a single working period.

Without transparent and accurate oversight, managing this workforce can become very complex and the cost of errors may have a substantial impact to the company’s bottom line and reputation. 

With Shifts and Rostering, the security company can easily transition staff between fixed and mobile work on a long term or short term basis, get instant visibility into scheduling conflicts, and give staff all the job information they need ahead of time so they’re enabled to meet client needs.

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