Skedulo Introduces: Pre-built Reports and Dashboards

Skedulo is excited to announce a valuable new toolset for our customers on Salesforce to increase workforce visibility, improve resource planning, and better analyze their business data.

Our latest release also includes enhanced alerts to identify potential scheduling problems which is critical to using Skedulo optimally. You can always see all the details of our latest releases in the Skedulo Support portal.

Go Deep Into Your Business Data with Pre-built Reports and Dashboards

Skedulo Reports and Dashboards–now available for free on the Salesforce AppExchange to Skedulo customers–gives administrators and managers pre-built reports and dashboards that make data management and analysis easier than ever.

Tracking data by jobs, accounts, resources, and regions, makes it dramatically simpler for managers to understand the direction their business is moving and where to invest resources for the best possible returns.

Included in the package are the following reports and dashboards:

  • Active Resources in Regions by Category
  • Average Travel Time by Region
  • Current Quarter Resource Job Leaderboard
  • Current Year Average Travel Time by Resource
  • Current Year Job Growth by Month
  • Current Year Job Hours by Account
  • Current Year Job Hours by Region
  • Current Year Resources by Created Date and Region
  • Current Year Travel Time by Month
  • Jobs by Account Industry
  • Job by Type and Resource

Improved Alerts for Savvier Scheduling

One of our priorities at Skedulo when we architect and design our solution is to retain flexibility for our customers. Naturally, this presents a challenge, especially when navigating questions of automation and logic versus manual control. How much control should remain in the hands of schedulers themselves to override system logic when real world needs present an unanticipated scenario?

Working closely with our customers on questions like this, we’ve found that the best outcomes occur when our technology helps schedulers make informed decisions quickly and alerts them to potential problems they would not otherwise see. That’s why something a seemingly simple as clear and timely alerts are actually heavy hitting features that add exceptional value and usability for our customers.

Our latest release has expanded scheduler alerts to include notification of overlap in recurring jobs.


Control Data and Ensure Correct Access with System Checks on Permission Sets

Permission sets are a vital tool for administrators to control how users access information and ensure that Skedulo works optimally for everyone. There are six standard permission sets that Skedulo strongly recommends admins use, ranging from a general read-only permission to comprehensive access and capability recommended for schedulers.

Assigning all users a standard permission set in addition to any custom permission settings is important to ensuring Skedulo works consistently and optimally for all users. Users with only custom permission sets may have issues accessing new Skedulo objects to be released in future updates.  To help prevent such a scenario, Skedulo can now run a test on a customer’s instance to report via email which users have not been assigned one of the recommended permission sets.

Tracking Cancellations

Cancellations can be costly when they occur too close to an appointment. Frequent cancellations can also be an indicator of an underlying challenge, such as finicky customer, inconsistent resource, or a marketplace issue. Those are all possible reasons for cancellations, but without tracking why they occur, you are left with just your best guess as to what the underlying issue is.

Skedulo now makes cancellation tracking more consistent. Schedulers are prompted to enter a cancellation reason for both single and recurring jobs, regardless of which view the scheduler is in. Resources are still required to enter a reason if they cancel a job from the Skedulo app.

Stay tuned to the Skedulo blog for more product developments!