Skedulo Introduces: Scheduling By Shifts

We are pleased to announce that Skedulo now includes scheduling by shifts as an out of the box capability!

Many organizations schedule their mobile teams first by shifts, then add individuals and jobs to fill those blocks of time and ensure service coverage. Skedulo has already created shift and roster capability for many customers–most frequently for our healthcare customers operating within the NDIS market in Australia–and with our latest release, shifts are now available to all our customers.

For customers who wish to enable the new shift console in Skedulo, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

In addition to the shift console, our recent product release includes additional tracking of detailed information for better insight into what your mobile teams are doing on the job and greater flexibility in our mobile app.

Scheduling with Shifts

Our product development philosophy is to build capability that allows you to schedule your team your way, respecting the needs and nuances of your business. Scheduling resources by blocks of time in addition to matching individual jobs to the best qualified resources is a frequent need of many businesses. Working with our customers across the globe, we found that these concepts were often overlapping in actual business practice. Our shift console was built to be flexible and allow for jobs and shifts to work together.

When shifts are enabled in your Skedulo instance, you will see a new icon in the navigation bar that will access the shift console. Within in the console, schedulers or care coordinators can create and manage shifts and easily toggle between views of individual mobile workers or entire regions.

Our clean and simple user interface makes it easy to create, edit, and publish shifts, while the Mastermind™ optimization engine can help find the best fit for a shift based on your business priorities.

Look for rapid expansion of our shift scheduling capabilities and give us feedback on this and any part of our product here.

Detailed Tracking of Jobs for Deeper Analysis

For Skedulo customers using Salesforce, you can now capture additional, granular detail about when jobs are accepted, started, completed, and related travel time.

Tracking field history is valuable for productivity analysis as well as understanding how your teams are using the Skedulo mobile app. The following objects now have field tracking or history tracking enabled in Salesforce: Job Status, Job Allocation, Time Responded, Time Start Travel, Time Checked In, Time in Progress, and Time Completed.

Together, these fields create a precise picture of how mobile workers are interacting with information about new jobs, whether they are using optimal routing information, and how long jobs actually take. It can also help you understand how your teams are tracking their work and whether they are providing the data managers need to make optimal decisions.

Expanded Configurations in the Mobile App

Exposing the correct customer and job data to your mobile workers in the Skedulo app enables that consistently high quality customer experience you are using to your competitive advantage. To date, our customers on Salesforce have been able to expose only one link to a Salesforce Visualforce page in the menu of their Skedulo mobile app.

Now, the cap is off. Skedulo administrators can go to “Mobile Configuration,” then “Salesforce Mapping” to add more Visualforce menu links to the menu in the Skedulo mobile app main menu. This action makes it easier to give mobile resources additional information on the app and expands the communication and collaboration capabilities of Skedulo.

Additionally, sync errors will now appear in a friendlier format and give the option to send error details in an email to Skedulo Support. Easier, more detailed error reporting means fewer errors in the future.

Detailed Release Notes

Stay tuned to the Skedulo Blog for monthly updates on the latest and greatest feature releases on our platform. And you can always read detailed product release notes in the Support Center.