Can Employee Scheduling Really Impact Revenue?

Employee scheduling matters more than you think. It doesn’t just affect the employee—it also affects your company’s bottom line.

Consider this: The U.S. ranks 30th of 38 countries in work-life balance. Nearly 40% of American workers surveyed say that inflexible work hours and/or the ability to schedule time off has the most negative impact on work-life balance. In addition, employees who feel that their strengths are not being used on a daily basis are more likely to quit and less likely to report an excellent quality of life.

Scheduling matters. But how can effective scheduling impact sales and profits?

  • Employee productivity: Staff schedulers who aren’t inundated with the time-consuming, frustrating tasks that accompany manual scheduling can instead focus on what really matters: effectively scheduling deskless workers so they can serve more clients. 
  • Employee retention: Employees who feel they are being used to their full potential stick around longer, reducing turnover rates and recruitment costs.
  • Employee satisfaction: Higher employee satisfaction improves workforce morale and improves workplace culture.
  • Customer relations: Happy employees have more positive interactions with customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Mobile workforce metrics: An effective scheduling system means employees can visit more customers in a day and spend less time traveling between appointments.

The solution? A solid employee scheduling system that allows you to keep your valuable personnel, manage your customers and clients, and get everyone on the same page – all while boosting both productivity and your bottom line.

With the right tool, employee engagement and happiness will increase, turnover rates will decrease, and morale and customer service satisfaction will skyrocket. When it’s done well, employee scheduling leads to a great customer experience—which sets you apart from the competition.

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