Sports Kickstart – Training Australia’s Future FIFA World Cup Team

Preparing Australia’s future FIFA World Cup team, Sports Kickstart are on their way to mobile workforce mastery using Skedulo to schedule, dispatch, and manage their coaches and trainers.

Sports Kickstart was growing quicker than their processes could manage as there are very few sport institutes that can deliver the professional support that they can. Using spreadsheets, email, and text messaging to relay assignments became cumbersome as the team grew. This manual process was very time consuming, and Kickstart’s schedulers were spending too many hours confirming the details of who, what, and where than was reasonable.

By adding Skedulo’s native solution to their Salesforce CRM, Sports Kickstart was able to leverage one platform to centralize their scheduling data and processes, and ultimately solve their number one problem of disparate, inaccurate communication.

Learn how Sports Kickstart used Skedulo to solve scheduling and communication challenges to nearly double their year-over-year growth to 15% and reduce time spent scheduling by 40%.

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