Organizations with mobile workforces can now integrate Skedulo with principle systems supporting end-to-end workflows and sharing interoperable data across the business.

Skedulo, the platform for Intelligent Mobile Workforce management is excited to announce the release of new integration capabilities that will close the gap between business functions and securely share data captured through the platform with teams across an organization, including operations, sales, finance, and HR.

With the new integration capabilities, Skedulo customers can now connect their system of record for mobile work with other platforms, such as:

  • Epic and other EMRs: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems used by healthcare providers connect to Skedulo to manage all mobile caregiver data, including patient assignments, scheduling, dispatching, routing, and patient outcomes.
  • Keypay: Australia’s leading cloud payroll solution connects to Skedulo to incorporate real-time job costing estimates into scheduling decisions.
  • ServiceNow: A leading ITSM solution provider, connects to Skedulo to manage mobile service providers within an organization.
  • Quickbooks: A premier accounting and bookkeeping service, uses Skedulo data related to services delivered and employee timesheets.
  • ADP: Payroll, HR, and tax systems use Skedulo data to track employee billable hours, mobile workforce skills, locations, and time and attendance, as well as services delivered.
  • Workday: Combined finance and HR systems leverage Skedulo for data about mobile employees, services delivered, and cost of service.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365: The enterprise platform connects to Skedulo to expand its capabilities into mobile workforce management and field service while maintaining a single system of record.

In addition to these new capabilities, Skedulo will continue to offer its native solution for Salesforce, a relationship that was established in 2013.

Through this growing suite of integration capabilities, Skedulo serves as the system of record for mobile work, regardless of CRM, ERP or other platforms in use. As the first company to explore and address the challenges of the modern mobile workforce for enterprise firms, Skedulo continues to build on its strategy of expanding the capabilities and interoperability of its solution to bridge the gap between the different functions in the office with work delivered onsite with customers.

“We are thrilled to be offering this robust integration capability that serves our clients’ needs and helps them make informed decisions, work together seamlessly, and provide clean data that will help them scale,” shared Matt Fairhurst, CEO and Co-Founder of Skedulo. “So many of our customers provide time-sensitive and complex services, such as home healthcare and residential services, and they need connected platforms to grow their businesses and maintain trustworthy data.”

Skedulo is the system of record for the modern mobile workforce, providing comprehensive capability in scheduling, dispatching, communication, and mobile productivity for customers including EasterSeals Bay Area, Splunk, USA Football, American Red Cross, and many more.

Note: All platforms for which integrations have been built (Epic, Keypay, ServiceNow, Quickbooks, ADP, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics 365) are copyright protected and respective of their owners.

About Skedulo

Skedulo is the platform for intelligent mobile workforce management. Our solution helps enterprises intelligently manage, schedule, dispatch, and track resources in the field. With native solutions that integrate seamlessly to Salesforce and ServiceNow, and our independent platform that connects to any system of record, Skedulo offers enterprises and mid-market companies a mobile workforce management product that complements any tech stack. Founded in 2013, headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in the United States, Australia, Vietnam and the United Kingdom, Skedulo has enabled over 120 companies and 50,000 mobile workers  to seamlessly schedule and service more than 5 million appointments over three continents. The company secured $9.2 Million Series A funding in 2016, led by Costanoa Ventures.

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