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About USA Football

USA Football, a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, leads the wide-ranging community within youth football and champions the athletes, parents, coaches, officials and administrators who bring youth and scholastic football to life. Offering online courses, certifications, and other trainings for coaches to support the safe practice and playing of football by youth players and students across the country.

Central to its mission of leading coach and player development are USA Football’s onsite clinics and trainings, which are conducted by current or former coaches who are not full-time employees of the organization. But scheduling these remote resources was slow, painful, and lacked the visibility necessary to find the best available resource closest to the clinic location.

“The process consisted of a lot of back-and-forth email communication, a lot of Outlook calendar invites where the resource would have to accept or decline. And a lot of time, there were no responses,” says Curt Holtz, Salesforce Administrator at USA Football, describing the challenges their schedulers faced to make clinics happen. “It was hard for our schedulers to determine where a specific resource was in the process. It was also difficult for our schedulers to figure out who was and wasn’t available for a certain date.”

USA Football Augments its Salesforce Instance with Skedulo

As the scheduling team was already working in Salesforce, Curt wanted to find a solution that would fit natively into their instance and augment their reporting. With at-a-glance visibility into resource availability, status, and location, Skedulo has “eliminated a lot of that uncertainty that would make the scheduler go through email history, sent items, and deleted items to know whether we have this clinic covered,” Curt elaborates.

Using the Skedulo mobile app is making it easier for USA Football’s back office to collect the data it needs to smoothly process payroll and report on other metrics. For directors and management, a whole new set of data is available about how efficiently clinics are scheduled and executed. The flexibility and simplicity of the Skedulo solution made it possible for USA Football to get all these benefits quickly and without the headaches that accompanied similar Salesforce projects in the past.

“We were able to easily and clearly identify any custom configurations that we would need, that I thought we were going to need, and that the business said they would need prior to roll out. We were able to get those done in a pretty timely manner. We were still able to hit our anticipated timeline for launch and roll it out very smoothly with very little need for additional changes after roll out, which was a pleasant surprise."
Curt Holtz
Salesforce Administrator, USA Football

Smart Design, Administration, and Adoption Helped Ensure Success

“We chose Skedulo because it sits on top of Salesforce,” Curt says. “The number one requirement was that it integrated with Salesforce to provide the best solution for our scheduling team and our internal users.”

Usability to facilitate adoption was also high on USA Football’s list of requirements. Prioritizing intuitive design, simplicity, and usability for internal teams as well as resources in the field would help ensure success and make the transition easier. And because Skedulo is easy for admins to use and configure, USA Football was able to improve its worker and customer experience, not just schedule more efficiently. “From a Salesforce Admin perspective,” says Curt, “it’s very easy to configure. It uses standard Salesforce custom objects, so that allows you to create workflows and automate things,” like automated reminders that USA Football had never been able to do before.

"My favorite thing has been the way that our users have adopted it. With Salesforce in general, there’s adoption struggles. But with Skedulo—the way we implemented it, the way the trainings went, the way the interaction was between us and Skedulo—this is probably the best experience I've had with any Salesforce application, and that's the truth."
Curt Holtz
Salesforce Administrator, USA Football

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