High-Capacity Scheduling for Vaccine Administration

As the world endures persistent disruption due to the COVID-19 crisis, the question on everyone’s mind is: when will a viable vaccine become available so we can return to some semblance of normalcy?

With potential breakthroughs happening every day, it’s only a matter of time before the answer is found. The resulting global distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people will become the largest scheduling event in history. Such high-scale delivery will require intelligent solutions that help healthcare organizations set their field workers up for success. 

Scheduling Software for High Capacity Vaccine Administration

Skedulo’s high-capacity scheduling software has already supported numerous key organizations in scheduling COVID-19 tests, and is well-positioned to ensure vaccination scheduling is as safe and efficient as possible for administrators, frontline health workers, and the public.

Preferred solution for vaccine appointment scheduling

As today’s preferred solution for vaccine appointment scheduling, Skedulo is designed to help state and local governments manage vaccine delivery at scale to large segments of the population.

Our high capacity scheduling solution is proven effective for public health, with high configurability, scalability, and resilience. The Skedulo deskless platform and mobile app provide end-to-end support for field workers and offer complete workforce visibility through a single source of truth—all of which are invaluable factors for managing complex activities.

BioReference Laboratories, one of the first customers of High Capacity Scheduling for COVID-19, has already booked over 400,000 testing appointments with Skedulo.

Skedulo is designed to manage the complexities of safe vaccine delivery

When the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, the same careful measures that apply to existing vaccine delivery will still need to be followed. This includes:

  • Validating vaccine eligibility
  • Scheduling appointments based on location capacity
  • Capping appointments based on available doses
  • Scheduling appointments with precision to minimize wait times (and adhere to social distancing guidelines)

How Skedulo works

Skedulo is purpose-built to manage scheduling across multiple sites with unlimited bookings, self-service, automatic reminders, and much more. 

  • Configurable surveys so patients can be effectively screened for eligibility prior to securing a booking. 
  • Multi-site scheduling and self-service, which means organizations can manage unlimited sites while balancing productivity and demand. Patients can select the closest site and available time slot for maximized convenience 
  • Automatic appointment confirmation and reminders promote patient confidence, reduce administrative burden, and minimize no-shows. 
  • Unique QR codes allow patients and staff to stay safe with no-contact check-ins and personalized follow up appointments (i.e.: for a second dose), with pre-set waiting periods between doses. 
  • Dashboards for head office or monitoring centers to track site capacity, appointments booked and seen, and more. 

Rapid deployment to help you prepare

The Skedulo vaccine scheduling solution offers fluid integration with existing technology stacks for bi-directional workflows, operations and reporting. 

Any organization preparing for the complex scheduling demands of the COVID-19 vaccine would benefit from using the platform, including:

  • hospitals
  • municipalities and governments
  • lab and diagnostics groups
  • private health organizations

Our agile team is able to rapidly deploy Skedulo into your environment, with tailored customizations to ensure maximum effectiveness, no matter how you operate.

“The ability of Skedulo’s team to get the platform up and running and ready for the world was amazing. We were ready in a week or two as opposed to the month or two other vendors would need.”
Vinny Pacione
Director of Consumer Digital at BioReference Laboratories 

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