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5 Ways Workforce Visibility Can Transform Your Customer Service

Today, customers are more demanding than ever. The customer experience is expected to be more important than price and product as key brand differentiators by 2020. Field service customers expect technicians to arrive on time, have the expertise and parts needed to complete the job, and explain what will occur before, during, and after service.

Workforce Visibility and Customer Service

Workforce visibility is the ability to surface data about your workforce to enable a complete, real-time understanding of who is working for your brand, what they are capable of, and how they are completing their work. It includes:

  • Employee qualifications
  • Employee history
  • Employee locations
  • Time spent on the road
  • Time spent with clients
  • Customer interactions
  • Customer and employee feedback

The consistent collection and management of these data in real-time and is the driving force behind workplace visibility. An effective mobile workforce management platform provides the tools to capture, house, and analyze this data, ultimately giving you the ability to maximize customer service while minimizing labor costs.

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5 Ways Mobile Workforce Visibility Transforms Customer Service

Workforce visibility improves customer retention, customer satisfaction, and gives your employees the tools they need to do their job well. It also:

  1. Helps with Capacity Planning: With true visibility into the skills and certifications your workforce possesses coupled with a clear understanding of the specific needs of your customers, managers have a unique opportunity to plan for future staffing. Data can be compared over time to determine if you need to staff up or down to meet demand while maintaining quality of service.
  2. Makes Scheduling More Efficient: When you see the makeup and the activities of your workforce in a meaningful way, you can start scheduling efficiently to meet business needs, not just fill time slots. Tracking the qualifications of workers and teams prevents skills shortage and gets the right worker to the job at the right time. Visibility into the day-to-day movement of your teams helps map jobs effectively so your business can complete more jobs in a day.
  3. Collects Data from Multiple Sources: Pulling data from multiple systems of record to analyze for insights is time-consuming and ineffective. Mobile workforce management systems collect and maintain data from disparate sources into a central database so it can be easily used to make sound decisions grounded in key performance indicators (KPIs).  
  4. Increases Employee Retention Rates: When mobile workers have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively, it increases satisfaction in their work and raises morale—and decreases the likelihood of quitting due to dissatisfaction. Also, real-time communication allows them to express concerns or troubleshoot as issues arise, so they can be resolved immediately.
  5. Predicts Future Trends: Real-time and historical data contained in a central database can be mined for insights to predict future trends in staffing, service needs, customer  demand, inventory, and more. The more data you collect, analyze, and store, the more accurate the predictions are.

Mobile Workforce Management and Workforce Visibility

Full visibility of your workforce all times, in real-time, is possible with the right mobile workforce management system to meet your company’s needs. Skedulo connects with any system of record, is compatible with any mobile device or desktop computer, and makes it easy to collect the data necessary to make informed business decisions.

Lack of visibility into your workforce results in poorer customer service, higher employee turnover, and unsatisfied customers who can affect your brand’s reputation and profit margins. For more information, including tips on how to power-up your visibility, read How to Improve Workforce Visibility (And Why it Matters).

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