Scheduling for Nonprofits and Volunteers

Scheduling for Nonprofits and Volunteers

Skedulo empowers nonprofits with simple, intuitive scheduling for your employees and volunteers. With Skedulo’s mobile workforce management platform, nonprofit organizations can reduce administrative expenses, engage with volunteers, and serve more people in your target communities.

Streamlined Scheduling for Any Nonprofit

Skedulo’s powerful scheduling tools simplify administrative processes for any nonprofit. Whether you’re coordinating a field network of volunteers or scheduling office staff, Skedulo offers a rich set of tools to streamline your scheduling efforts.

Nonprofit and 501(c)(3) organizations use Skedulo to:

  •   Schedule workers to pick up donations
  •   Schedule volunteers for recurring shifts or large events
  •   Accurately forecast volunteer levels for different times of the year
  •   Improve visibility into volunteers’ capacity
  •   Improve communication with volunteers in the field

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Simplify Scheduling to Focus on Your Mission

Nonprofit organizations use Skedulo to streamline coordination and communication, keeping everyone connected and working toward the same goals. Work through delays and challenges in real-time to keep your volunteers focused on serving the community.

Make Complex Scheduling Easy

Create schedules for recurring shifts, daily needs, or large events and manage changes on the fly easily. Send updated schedules on the Skedulo mobile app to keep everyone on the same page.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Eliminate manual scheduling inefficiencies, reduce rework, and reduce overhead costs so you can put more resources toward your core mission and those you serve.

Better Recruit & Retain Volunteers

Volunteers and teams in the field love Skedulo because it gives them everything they need to get to the right place at the right time and be fully prepared.

Connect With Your Core Systems

Nonprofits that use ServiceNow or Salesforce can integrate seamlessly with Skedulo and bring our powerful scheduling features to your CRM, keeping all your data in one place.

How Nonprofits Are Using Skedulo

Our intelligent scheduling platform is designed to simplify communication and coordination for nonprofits. Take a look at how Furniture Bank uses Skedulo to double its social impact in the community.

Furniture Bank

Furniture Bank connects people in need of home furnishings with families who have unwanted items around the house. Their mission is to improve the lives of people in and around Toronto through furniture, housewares, kitchen items, electronics, and more.

Challenge: As they grew, Furniture Bank needed a better way to manage two sets of clients: furniture donors and families in need. Furniture Bank needed a way to stay in touch with drivers, get real-time insight into their routes, and solve challenges that arise during pickups and deliveries.

“With the analytics that come with Skedulo, we know where they’re going, we know which crews are most productive, and we can find opportunities to collect more furniture and deliver more furniture—the opportunities are endless for us.




Skedulo has changed the life of our charity. I can’t say enough about what it can do for another organization.”

~ Dan Kershaw, Executive Director – Furniture Bank

Solution: Furniture bank deployed Skedulo’s mobile workforce solution that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, helping the nonprofit manage the experience of its donors and recepients from start to finish. Furniture Bank uses the Skedulo mobile app to manage pickups and deliveries, and back-office schedulers use the Skedulo platform to schedule appointments in the field. In addition, Furniture Bank executives use Skedulo’s reporting capabilities to understand capacity, efficiency, and areas for improvement.

As a result, Furniture Bank has doubled its social impact. Managers have improved field operations, the back office has improved communication and visibility, and donors are thrilled to see their donations make a difference.

Case Study: Furniture Bank

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As a nonprofit, the more efficient you are, the more you can impact the community. Skedulo makes scheduling easy so you can get back to doing what you do best: helping others.