What’s the ROI of Mobile Workforce Management?

For any company with employees in the field, a strong mobile workforce management strategy is an important part of serving customers and keeping up with competitors.

As customer service expectations continue to rise, the companies that want to remain competitive need to meet them. The number of mobile workers across all industries is on the rise, and it’s expected to reach 1.87 billion by 2022—42.5% of the entire global workforce!

To calculate the true ROI of mobile workforce management solutions, think about the following outcomes of effective workforce management:

  • Reduced time to schedule workers, which increases customer reach with the same number of employees
  • Better resource utilization, which results in more jobs completed for customers.
  • Streamlined operational and businesses processes like invoicing and payroll, which reduce overhead costs.
  • Empowered mobile workers, who are happier and more satisfied with their work, resulting in better interactions with customers.

Mobile workforce management helps companies improve workforce scheduling, dispatching, visibility, tracking, performance management, and much more—no matter how many employees you have in the field. An effective workforce management solution provides a central, cloud-based platform that secures customer information, while giving information to the employees who truly need it.

Read our guide to the ROI of Mobile Workforce Management to learn more about the benefits of an effective mobile workforce management system.

The ROI of the Skedulo Platform

The Skedulo mobile workforce management platform includes a powerful recommendation and optimization engine. The Mastermind™ engine can prioritize jobs based on your business priorities, whether you’re focused on reducing travel time, adapting to customer preferences, creating a balanced workload, or something else entirely. With the mobile app, managers and back-office administrators can send updated schedules in real-time, and mobile employees can easily communicate with the back office.

Skedulo customers experience great ROI from their mobile workforce management system, including:

Skedulo integrates natively with Salesforce and ServiceNow, and any other system of record with the Lens API. Communicate with your mobile workforce anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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